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The decadent body butter glistens your skin, the hectic world melts away, and your mind escapes to a secluded tropical island. You’re now lounging away on a colorful beach chair – toes in the toasty sand and an ice cold drink cradled in your hand. You gaze upon the fiery sunset and its sultry rays dance along the horizon. The delightful scent from your gently warmed skin tickles your nose and you can’t help but smile. Welcome to The Island Body – where you’ll find awesome skincare goodies for glowing skin and good vibes!


The Island Body Mission –  Glowing Skin & Good Vibes!

At The Island Body our mission is to offer high-quality, all-natural and vegan-friendly body butters that leave your skin incredibly nourished, alluring scented, and beautifully glowing! And we’re super-proud to have countless customers who rave about how our body butters are so luscious whipped that they leave skin feeling so soft, so smooth and so radiant. In fact, our scented whipped body butters are so deliciously fragranced that they’ll leave your skin smelling almost good enough to eat!

We look forward to you joining our growing family of happy customers, and as you’ll soon pleasantly discover, The Island Body skincare goodies are made special for your most gorgeous, radiant skin while also expressing the spirit of the islands – sunshine, beauty, and happiness.  Which is why we proudly declare that The Island Body is your perfect destination for glowing skin and good vibes! 

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About The Island Body CEO & Founder

Dr. Phoenyx Austin, MD is the CEO and Founder of the Island Body Shop – a Florida-based company that specializes in ultra-moisturizing and deliciously scented body butters and other skincare goodies made with all-natural, organic, and vegan-friendly ingredients. A serial entrepreneur, bestselling author, and health/nutrition expert, Dr. Phoenyx loves creating health and beauty products that make women look and feel amazing! Learn more about Dr. Phoenyx, and also visit her FitBeauty Shop for more healthy goodies!



Click here to browse our awesome selection of moisturizing body butters!

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